Our company (Beijing Zhongdian lvbo Technology Co., LTD.) is a professional engaged in the power industry energy-saving equipment manufacturing technology enterprises. The company has a history of more than 20 years of production of power energy-saving equipment (formerly Beijing Green Wave Power Technology Company established in 1993), its main products have independent intellectual property rights, and has developed a variety of structural types of products with the company's unique patented technology as the core, each equipment has its own characteristics different from similar products of other manufacturers. Our company has provided professional production equipment for hundreds of new power plants and old factories.

Our company mainly produces steam turbine auxiliary equipment - condenser rubber ball cleaning device, condenser pre-rectifier, secondary filter purification device, electric water filter device, condensate purification device (permanent magnet iron removal), water electrolysis hydrogen production device. The main products are: CTCS series condenser rubber ball cleaning device, DF series secondary filter device, WS series electric water filter device, FS series condenser pre-rectifier device, CWPD series permanent magnet iron removal device, DQ series hydroelectricity hydrogen production device (including asbestos cloth, anionic membrane alkali process hydrogen device and proton membrane pure water hydrogen production device); Among them, CTCS series, FS series condenser pre-rectifier and DF series secondary filter device are especially suitable for 300MW, 600MW and 1000MW unit installation, which is a unique patented product launched by our company; It is a special product developed on the basis of international advanced technology and combined with the actual situation of domestic water quality. Customer needs, is our product positioning. The company can also customize products to meet the structural and performance requirements according to the special needs of customers.

Our company has strong technical strength, concentrated electric power, machinery manufacturing, automatic control, electrochemistry and other professional, and is committed to energy saving equipment development, design, manufacturing of a group of senior engineers and technical experts. They have rich experience in design and practical work. The company's after-sales technicians are majored in mechatronics, and have rich experience in on-site debugging and on-site troubleshooting. In particular, the old unit equipment transformation, the program is feasible, the transformation effect is good, meet the unit operation requirements.

Our company to ISO9001 quality management system, "professional, integrity, service, innovation" as the concept. To "customer satisfaction" as the purpose. The product and service standard of the system has been formed. The company's business covers many regions at home and abroad, and the products have a high reputation among users.

Our company has its own factory, the product quality is good, cost-effective. And can provide the fastest delivery cycle and the best after-sales service.

We hope that our products and services can meet your needs. At the same time, we hope that your company will visit our factory and our customers.
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